Going off plan

So, how are your plans and resolutions going? I know we are only two weeks into the year but I thought I would ask. In my last blog I wrote all about how instead of making resolutions I have just created a whole list of things I want to do in 2020. These things fit into the three categories family/home, business and personal and so far let me say it is a mixed bag.

Aerial yoga

One of my goals was to blog more, as you have probably guessed I am already slightly behind with that mainly because of…..life. I often find I am so focused on making sure I hit the goals that I have said I will reach for my clients (they are the ones who make sure I can eat so it is only fair) that I fall behind on my own.

On the plus side I have used my business Instagram more. Thanks mainly to The Self-Employed club and their daily prompts (check them out on Instagram @selfemployedclub). Their calendar of topics for the month as helped me some up with daily content ideas which takes a lot of the hassle and thought out of posting and I have found in the past with Instagram that followers do appreciate more personal content than solely business.

On a personal level I have achieved one of my goals as last Friday I tried aerial yoga for the first time and man it was hard, but it was really good fun. I ached before I finished the glass but am heading back tomorrow to give it a go again.

So, all in all it is swings and roundabouts on the goals front but the year is young and I only have about 50 things on the list so if I achieve one a week I will be on track.

Let me know how you are getting on.

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