Going off plan

So, how are your plans and resolutions going? I know we are only two weeks into the year but I thought I would ask. In my last blog I wrote all about how instead of making resolutions I have just created a whole list of things I want to do in 2020. These things fit into the three categories family/home, business and personal and so far let me say it is a mixed bag.

Aerial yoga

One of my goals was to blog more, as you have probably guessed I am already slightly behind with that mainly because of…..life. I often find I am so focused on making sure I hit the goals that I have said I will reach for my clients (they are the ones who make sure I can eat so it is only fair) that I fall behind on my own.

On the plus side I have used my business Instagram more. Thanks mainly to The Self-Employed club and their daily prompts (check them out on Instagram @selfemployedclub). Their calendar of topics for the month as helped me some up with daily content ideas which takes a lot of the hassle and thought out of posting and I have found in the past with Instagram that followers do appreciate more personal content than solely business.

On a personal level I have achieved one of my goals as last Friday I tried aerial yoga for the first time and man it was hard, but it was really good fun. I ached before I finished the glass but am heading back tomorrow to give it a go again.

So, all in all it is swings and roundabouts on the goals front but the year is young and I only have about 50 things on the list so if I achieve one a week I will be on track.

Let me know how you are getting on.

A time for reflection

I don’t do resolutions in business or personally but at the end of each year or start of a new year I do like to plan.  All the personal development books, bloggers etc will say planning is important for success, but after reading a blog post from Jenny Proctor at Bondfield Marketing I decided to give something else a try, which was reflecting.self reflection
Whilst I agree planning is imperative, I found that taking the time to reflect was eye opening and made the planning part easier. By looking back it gave me the opportunity to remind myself how far I have come and all I achieved in the previous year. It can be easy to get lost in focusing on the things that went wrong such as the business you didn’t win, the stupid thing you said at a party, the new followers you never got, the presentation you felt you messed up but a lot harder to look at your wins.

So I wrote a list of everything I had achieved which included winning some new retained clients, juggling business and a small child, running a PR workshop, drinking more water, attending a writers retreat, getting away with friends, exercising regularly, starting to networking again, making new friends and doing some personal development. Whilst to some none of this is earth shattering it gave me a buzz just taking a moment to look at all the things I had achieved. The list totalled 48 things on completion.

After doing the reflection Jenny suggested writing a list of things you want to do in the coming year and then categorise them into three sectors home/family, business and personal. When I wrote the first list of things I wanted to achieve in the coming year it looked a bit overwhelming but when I broke the list down into the three sectors (I used various coloured pens and images – I am a list and colour coding geek) it felt more do-able and exciting. I did find my shortest list was business, but I guess the lists will vary year on year. Here are some of my goals for 2020 which came out in the planning:

• Have more nights out with my husband
• Do #150hoursoutside project with my son
• Try and get away with my mum
• Grow my client base
• Run more 1-2-1 PR workshops
• Blog for business more (hence why you are reading this)
• Have a night away alone
• Start running again
• Write more for pleasure
• Try aerial yoga

I am going to keep referring back to my plans throughout the year and hopefully I manage to complete all the things I want to do.

How do you plan for the year? Do you just plan for business or for life in general? Do you reflect beforehand?

Let me know what works for you.